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Since its establishment in 1958, Cinar Hotel has been famous for its hospitality, warm atmosphere and consistent high quality of service that will turn your business trips and meetings into moments of pleasure in Istanbul, Turkey. Cinar Hotel resembles a holiday village set apart from the noise of city centre, 20 minutes from downtown and 5 minutes from airport. In celebration of its 40th anniversary in 1998, Cinar enhanced its meeting and conference services with a total of 8 rooms including 3 new conference venues. Plan to visit Cinar, where business turns into pleasure

Çınar Hotel….It is a classic in Istanbul...Easier said than done, it has been a 49 years of experience in Hotel management...And as a result of the renovation project completed this year, it acquired a contemporary appearance with an understanding that wipes off the traces of the years without making a concession from the major principles of the hotel... A warm and modern design signed by Mustafa Toner, the Architect...
You are all invited to the House of an old friend to witness such a natural and genuine environment….To the place of a nostalgic meeting that is the first thing that comes to one’s mind on hearing the word Yeşilköy...To Çınar.. And especially to see our suites and two presidential suites...We claim it, from then on Çınar Hotel will be a privileged alternative for accommodation for you and your special guests...
Enabling the comfort of your House for long staying, a perfect office environment for business travelers and romantic atmosphere for couples, the Suites and Presidential Suites will impress you with its elegancy, comfort and all kinds of technologic fittings, not to mention its view of the Marmara Sea, which will be followed by others.
Are you ready to live the legend anew, to travel into the heart of brand new memories... New excitements towards unknown moments in a well-known place